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Underground Storage Tank Leak Detection Testing

Aboveground Storage Tank Leak Detection Testing

External Visual Inspection Program


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Underground Storage Tank Leak Detection Testing

Service Overview:
Precision leak detection testing equipment is used to detect leaks in storage tanks, piping, vent lines and ancillary equipment.

Testing Services

  • Underground tank primary containment
  • Interstitial space
  • Risers and connections
  • Primary and secondary containment piping and connections

Tank Types

  • Fibreglass, Steel or Double Walled
  • Flare Knockout, Lube Oil, Amine Storage, Produced Water, Process Drains, Building Drains, Separators, Still Columns, Compressor Drains and Condensate Drains, etc.


  • Verify the integrity of a storage system when a leak is suspected
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Proactive management of high risk situations
  • Meet transaction or insurance requirements
  • Verify new installations and modifications