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Underground Storage Tank Leak Detection Testing

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Aboveground Storage Tank Leak Detection Testing


Aboveground Storage Tank Leak Detection Testing

Service Overview
A precision leak detection test is used to identify leaks in aboveground storage tank floors.

Testing Services

  • Tanks can be tested simultaneously within a 24-hour period
  • Each data collector is capable of simultaneously testing two tanks located within the same tank nest
  • Non-intrusive, non-hazardous and intrinsically safe
  • Test system is designed to determine leaks in all sizes of storage tanks
  • Test procedure is not affected by water at tank bottom or product stratification


  • Meets regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Perform periodic tank bottom assessments in accordance with API 653
  • Results will verify the tank integrity
  • Integrity verification when leaks are suspected
  • Eliminates and reduces tank entries

Download Technical Procedure (PDF 564K)



Aboveground Storage Tank Integrity Verification Limitations (PDF 45K)

Proactive Aboveground Storage Tank Management Strategies (PDF 40K)