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Retail Petroleum Services

Underground Storage Tank Leak Detection Testing

Meter Calibration Service

Preventative Maintenance & Inspection Service

Aboveground Storage Tank Leak Detection Testing


Meter Calibration Service

Service Overview:
The latest in electronic meter proving technology is used to evaluate petroleum meters and identify measurement and temperature related errors. Meters with measurement errors are adjusted to standard.

Calibration Services

  • Mechanical condition and performance evaluation
  • Measurement repeatability
  • Automatic temperature compensation performance
  • Measurement error
  • Equipment maintenance evaluation

Dispenser Meter Types

  • Slow flow - retail petroleum meters
  • Fast flow - cardlock and high speed refuellers


  • Determine the cause of an inventory reconciliation variances
  • Reduce inventory handling losses
  • Resolve meter calibration errors on a "Just In Time" basis
  • Initial calibration for new dispenser equipment installations
  • Ensure measurement accuracy for consigned petroleum supply arrangements
  • Improve inventory reconciliation leak detection results


Leading Causes of Retail Petroleum Inventory Handling Losses (PDF 198K)