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Retail Petroleum Services

Underground Storage Tank Leak Detection Testing

Meter Calibration Service

Preventive Maintenance & Inspection Service

Aboveground Storage Tank Leak Detection Testing


Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Service

Service Overview:
A comprehensive inspection and performance tests are completed to the petroleum storage system and components to identify safety, and environmental concerns as well as equipment maintenance deficiencies. Minor parts replacement and maintenance are also provided.

Inspection and Testing Services

  • Site operator interview to determine any operating problems
  • Hydrocarbon vapor and free product evaluations
  • Safety and emergency equipment inspection and performance testing
  • Tank monitoring system evaluation
  • Line leak detector performance testing
  • Petroleum equipment detailed maintenance inspection

Petroleum Distribution Facility Types

  • Retail petroleum facilities
  • Cardlock petroleum facilities


  • Provide a proactive equipment management strategy
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Evaluate new petroleum storage and delivery system installations